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We have gathered the best mortgages and loans deals online. Please follow the links below for on your suitable loan or mortgage deal. There are over 3000 different mortgage plans available within the UK. With the current interest rates set to where they are more and more people are taking out a mortgage, gathering enough for a deposit is no longer a problem with 100% mortgage plan which does not require a deposit to be placed down for the property.

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We have over 1500 mortgages to chose from and a team of expert mortgage brokers who will help you find the right mortgage for you. Enquire now and get the best rates available.

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We have over 400 secured loans to choose from our brokers can guarantee you a competitive rate. We specialise in only secured loans whether it's for a new car or a holiday we can help you. A secured loan only applies to home owners and not tenants. Because it's a secured loan the rates are far lower than an unsecured loan. Call our loan advisors now on 0800 1777 497

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We have over 400 loans to choose from with a team of expert advisors to help you find the best rates possible.

Buy to let: Many people are choosing the option to invest in property and take out a buy to let mortgage which allows them to buy a second home and place it on rent. It's a great investment to make for those whom are already home owners, with the market moving fast it's also a renters dream as rates have come down because of the amount of houses available for rent.

First time buyers: First time mortgages are designed around people whom want to get on the property ladder whether they can afford a full mortgage or not, offering 100% mortgages to those who can not afford to place a deposit for the property and interest only mortgages to those who can't afford to pay the full monthly payments, the option allows the person to only pay the interest until a specified term where they will be expected to pay the borrowed amount.

Mortgage types: The option on repayments has grown rapidly within the last ten years, Being able to take out a mortgage with flexible or fixed repayment plans. The plans are designed to make the whole buying process easier, encouraging more first time buyers to get onto the property ladder.

Personal Loans: Take out an unsecured personal loan for a holiday, new car or anything else which is personal. The loan being unsecured has got higher interest rates than a secured loan but the loan process is faster. Cutting out the red tape of going through checks etc which a lender would have to do with a secured loan you can have your money within 48 hours in many cases.

More than seven million home owners are missing out on the best available rates due to fear and confusion

More than seven million home owners are missing out on the best available rates due to fear and confusion about the costs of moving. Research by the Mortgage Ltd has revealed that nearly half of UK mortgage holders are paying the standard variable rate or higher despite the fact there are lower rates available on the market. Most of those surveyed said that they would feel angry if they discovered that their lender was offering a better rate to new customers.

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